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Types and Effects of Hallucinogens Jersey City, NJ

Hallucinogens Jersey City effects of hallucinogens drug addiction treatment rehabilitation center
Hallucinogens (also known as psychedelic drugs) are substances that change a person’s perception of reality. These drugs can make a person feel sensations, hear sounds, see, smell or taste thoughts that seem real but do not exist in reality.

Types of Hallucinogens

Hallucinogens are derived from certain plants and mushrooms. These drugs... Read More →

Suboxone and Other Drugs Responsible For Double Arrest

opiate and alcohol detox Jersey City
Two are now in custody after they were caught being in possession of under half an ounce of Suboxone, as well as cocaine. Andres Nazario and Amirah Thompson were arrested after a tip named the location the duo would be in possession ... Read More →

Heroin Addiction Treatment Jersey City

opiate and alcohol detox Jersey City
Addicts generally experience an alteration in brain chemistry. Healthy brains have dopamine motivating the individual to satisfy basic human needs such as eating or sleeping. On the other hand, individuals addicted to heroin, for example, may have brain chemicals go out of control. When heroin addiction goes untreated, the user can experience a wea... Read More →

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