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Recognizing Signs of Addiction in Jersey City, NJ (201) 620-9141

Signs of addiction are often manifested by behavioral symptoms. People who are addicted to drugs like prescription painkillers or illicit drugs like heroin or cocaine often experience symptoms like paranoia, low self-esteem, and even antisocial behavior. Behavioral signs of addiction to meth, for instance, include symptoms like social isolation, impulsiveness, hiding drug use, and risky behaviors.

Behavioral signs of addiction to hydrocodone include social withdrawal, financial problems, and “doctor shopping.” Heroin dependence can cause people to lie, lose motivation, withdrawal, and lose interest in maintaining their hygiene or physical appearance. Behavioral signs of addiction to painkillers include poor judgment, confusion, and a propensity to “doctor shop.” These, of course, are just a few of the major behavioral symptoms associated with drug addiction.

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Physical Symptoms of Substance Dependence

Physical signs of addiction to prescription drugs often include poor coordination, low blood pressure, and even depression. Cocaine dependency can lead to heart problems, skin infections, and digestive problems. Heroin addiction can cause weight loss, shortness of breath, extreme itching, respiratory infection, disorientation, and dry mouth. Often, heroin users exhibit track marks and scabs on their skin association with heroin injection sites.

Addicted to Painkillers

When someone is addicted to painkillers, they often find themselves needing to increase their dosage. Once the drug user develops a tolerance to a painkiller, they often raise the dose to achieve the desired effects. This leads to increased dependency on the drug, as well as increased risk for health problems and possible overdose. Other signs of addiction to painkillers include drowsiness, confusion, blackouts, and long-term usage. Chronic use of these pain medications can be a telltale symptom of drug addiction. Changes in personality, mood swings, social withdrawal, and changes in appearances can also be indicative of a drug issue.

Signs of Alcohol Dependence

Alcoholism is characterized by excessive drinking and an apparent inability to limit the amount of drinks one consumes. Drinking alcohol each day at particular times of day could indicate an alcohol problem. If use of this substance leads to risky behaviors such as driving under the influence, unprotected sex, or violence, there is likely a serious problem.

People who are addicted to alcohol may experience relationship, family, and work problems. There are also many physical side effects associated with alcoholism such as weight loss or gastritis. Long-term alcohol dependence can result in serious health matters like liver damage.

Health Side Effects

One of the most compelling side effects associated with drug use and dependence is an increased risk of death due to overdose or other effects to health. In addition, health side effects like cardiovascular problems, liver damage, seizures, and reduced immunity are associated with drug addiction. Drug addiction also leaves people vulnerable to injury or accident. Illicit drug use is associated with the contraction of infections like hepatitis or even HIV.

Drugs Interfere with Users’ Lives

People who are addicted to drugs often face difficulties in their personal life, with their finances, and in their relationships and careers. Drug users often face serious legal consequences associated with the illegal procurement of drugs when they cannot pay for them or cannot obtain legal medications through legal channels.

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