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Suboxone and Other Drugs Responsible For Double Arrest

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Two are now in custody after they were caught being in possession of under half an ounce of Suboxone, as well as cocaine. Andres Nazario and Amirah Thompson were arrested after a tip named the location the duo would be in possession of the drugs.  Under surveillance, they were seen arriving in a parking lot, and was approached by police. Drug sniffing dogs were used, and the drugs were subsequently found. Both are now held on cash only bonds.

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Suboxone Withdrawal

Drugs like Suboxone are often used to help addicts get off heroin and other opiates, but the use of this substance carries its own risks. In many parts of the country, Suboxone withdrawal is becoming a real problem, and the issue is not found only within big cities.

From small towns to rural parts of the country, men and women everywhere have been struggling with Suboxone withdrawal and looking for help getting clean and overcoming their addictions. If you suspect that someone you care about has been struggling with their own Suboxone withdrawal issues, it is important to get them help as soon as possible.

Suboxone withdrawal is a long and complicated process, and it should not be attempted without professional help and medical supervision. Suboxone is a powerful drug, and when used properly it can be a highly effective way to overcome an addiction to heroin or prescription opiate medications.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is one of a class of medications often used to help addicts overcome a heroin addiction. The drug helps to break the cycle of addiction, and it is often used in residential treatment facilities to help men and women overcome their substance abuse problems while easing their withdrawal symptoms.

Dangers of Suboxone Use without Supervision

When used properly, drugs like Suboxone can literally be lifesavers. Doctors routinely used Suboxone to break the cycle of opiate addiction and give addicts the strength they need to overcome their substance abuse challenges.

Unfortunately, some addicts try to use Suboxone on their own, without the supervision of a doctor or the intervention of a drug treatment center. This is always a bad idea, since Suboxone and drugs like it must be carefully dosed and constantly monitored. Even a small mistake in the dosing could be very dangerous, and without proper medical care serious injury or death could result.

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