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Welcome to Jersey City Drug Treatment Centers, where you can find a variety of recovery opportunities. The best practices of addiction and behavioral treatment are found at Jersey City Drug Treatment Centers. With a caring staff committed to your recovery, Jersey City Drug Treatment Centers offers evidence-based treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. The programs offered at these rehab facilities are designed having you in mind. Each day, you will explore new possibilities for addiction recovery by attending counseling sessions, and other options for treatment.

Diverse clinical approaches that facilitate the detox and care rehabilitation process are employed at Jersey City Drug Treatment Centers programs for recovery. There are also aftercare programs available to support the addict throughout long-term recovery. Patients deserve the most supportive and comfortable recovery possible. You can take back your life. Recovery is one step away at (201) 620-9141.

Drug Rehab Success

The success of a recovery program depends on the type of program chosen, techniques used, and dedication of the patient. When patients are ready to begin recovery, they can expect to achieve great results. Patients who struggle to seek drug and alcohol treatment or who are not sure about joining a rehab program find it hard to make any progress. There are exceptions of individuals who decided to join treatment due to a family intervention and succeeded.

Besides the personal help that comes with a drug rehab program, the patient also gets to experience recovery with the support from peers in recovery, addiction professionals, and therapists. You are not alone. There are thousands of individuals who have succeeded and you will too. Call (201) 620-9141 if you have any questions about all that rehab for addiction treatment entails.

About Jersey City, NJ

Jersey City is one of the most crowded cities in New Jersey. It’s the Hudson County’s largest city. The oldest surviving houses in this city are Newkirk House (1690), Van Vorst Farmhouse (1740), and Van Wagenen House (1742). Notable landmarks in the city are Liberty Science Center, Statue of Liberty National Monument, Colgate Clock, Loew’s Jersey Theatre, and Katyń Memorial. The Hudson County Shakespeare Festival is celebrated in Jersey City since 1992. During this festival, a free Shakespeare production is performed at various parks throughout the city for each month of the summer.

Jersey City is located within the New York media market. The Jersey Journal newspaper covers Hudson County news. An online newspaper Jersey City Independent, covers Jersey City and nearby municipalities and publishes a print quarterly magazine called JCI Magazine.
A heroin epidemic has plagued New Jersey.

There has been a dramatic increase in prescription pain killer consumption in this state leading to statewide heroin epidemic. A recent report by the Task Force on Heroin and Other Opiate Use by New Jersey’s Youth and Young Adults, shows how heroin and opiate addiction is the primary health care crisis in the state. About 4,300 drug-related deaths have been reported from 2010 through 2013 and 40 heroin overdoses were reported in the month of March, 2014 alone.

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